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Sixth Grade

Another school year is upon us, and we have been busy preparing for it. We trust that your child is eager and ready to go as well. As we embark upon this adventure, there are some things that we would like you to know.

1. This year Grade 6 students may be switching teachers only for the Intervention/Enrichment Block. For the rest of the day, students will be with their homeroom teachers.

2. To make the most of our time for content areas (social studies, science and health), We will focus on one subject at a time rather than splitting the week up for all 3 subjects. Therefore you may not see grades for all of those subjects right away but all 3 will be taught each marking period. Students will be responsible for taking notes and studying for quizzes and tests.

3. Periodically, we will send home folders with your child’s work. I ask that you look through the papers with your child. It is a great way to discuss what he/she has been learning in school and to keep on top of grades. You may keep the papers at home but send back the signature paper. Your signature acknowledges that you have received the papers. To encourage pride in their work, points may be added to many assignments for accuracy in spelling and grammar, first and last name, and neatness.

4. Please check Skyward. Skyard will let you see your child’s averages for all subjects. You will be able to see grades before papers are sent home. We try to enter grades as quickly as possible.

5. To help students prepare for junior high next year, we encourage them to use the assignment books provided to keep track of assignments. By sixth grade, students need to be taking on more of this responsibility themselves. We also expect students to hand in assignments when they are asked for. Students need to be organized well enough to be able to locate papers in a timely fashion.

6. If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent for all or part of a day, please let your teacher know. If you are taking your child out of school for any non-medical reason, please complete a Temporary Absence Form, otherwise it will be an illegal absence. (These can be picked up in the office, sent home with your child, or found online at under the Parent Resources category.) We also ask that you try to schedule appointments for after school if you are able. Every bit of instruction time that we have is valuable.

We thank you for your cooperation and involvement in your child’s education. We are here to do all we can to help your child learn. All we ask is that each student puts forth his/her best effort and is cooperative and respectful of the learning process.


Grade 6 Team