Mowrie A. Ebner Elementary School

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Painting in the gym of Ebner Elementary's mascot, the panther.
Thirteen kindergarten students wearing hats for hat day

Students in Mrs. Hoyne's Class wore hats to support Houston!

Fourth grade student wearing hat on hat day

Hats for Houston

fourteen students and one teacher wear hats for hat day

Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Forsyth's kindergarten classes participate in Hats for Houston. 

Five kindergarten students wearing hats for hat day

Hats for Houston~Kindergarten

Four third grade students build a marshmallow tower

3rd graders work on team building activities. 

four third grade students building marshmallow tower

3rd grade students working together on team building activities. 

Five kindergarten students and one teacher wearing hats

Hats for Houston~Kindergarten

three students wearing hats for hat day

5th Grade students participate in Hats for Houston

Three students build a tower with paper cups

3rd grade students participate in team building activities. 

Six fourth grade students in hallway wearing hats on hat day.

Hats for Houston

Banner hanging in lobby displaying school rules. Respect, organization, achievement and responsibility. ROAR!
The principal hands out panther points to students in the hallway.

Mrs. Clouser hands out Panther Points to students. 

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