What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support/System. It is a series of proactive strategies that define, teach, support, and reinforce positive and appropriate student behavior. Students will be reinforced through the use of ROAR tickets. Students will earn reward tickets for appropriate behaviors in all school settings (see below). Students will then use those tickets to buy prizes. 

What is ROAR?

ROAR stands for Respect, Organization, Achievement, and Responsibility. These are the four categories in which students will be receiving tickets for. Students will have definitions and be explicitly taught how to display these 4 admirable characteristics all over Ebner Elementary. 

How can my child earn Paws (tickets)?

Students will earn Paws for displaying any of the behaviors displayed on our behavioral matrix below.

How can I learn more about Ebner's PBIS system?

Please watch for flyers and handouts to come home with your child detailing our program! Or you can contact your child's homeroom teacher with questions, comments, or concerns.